My Approach

I want to make your life easier by alleviating the stress of managing your digital content.  From innovative web design, to social media management and professional photography, let me do the work for you.  Sit back and relax while I put a creative spin on your products that can help boost your business.

My Story

I started my career working in a newsroom at a local television station in Charlotte, North Carolina.  After six years of working in the newsroom, I decided to make a move to the web world.  In 2012, I landed a job on the web team for the same television station.  I was able to move up the ranks and am currently the Digital Content Director for the station.  My duties include managing our website and mobile app, populating the social media pages, writing news content and shooting and editing videos and photos.  Working in a top 25 television market for 15 years has helped me gain the experience I need to have a complete understanding of digital media and the best practices used in today's fast-paced digital world.

Contact Me:

I would love to help you move your business forward.  Feel free to send me an email to talk business goals or to request a quote.